Progetti PRIN

PHERMIAC: Photonic High-Energy cosmic-ray Monitoring via Ising machines and Advanced Combinatorial optimization

Principal Investigator: Sapienza Università di Roma

Referente CREF: Fabrizio Coccetti

Code: 2022597MBS

The project aims to create an innovative device for applying ultrafast and energy-efficient photonic computation to high-energy physics, implementing a photonic Ising machine for ultrafast parallel processing of millions of spins. This device will be optimized for monitoring and reconstructing detected tracks of cosmic muons and other elementary particles.

re-SPECT: Towards a new family of nuclear imaging gamma detectors

Principal Investigator: Michela Marafini (CREF)

Partner: Sapienza Università di Roma, Università di Trento

Code: 2022Z72Y3K

The reSPECT project opens the way to a new family of gamma imaging detectors based on plastic scintillators combined with 3D printed collimators and an integrated readout system, allowing for significant cost reduction while achieving beyond state-of-the-art resolution and count-rate capability. The breakthrough is based on materials, 3D printing, and sensing innovations.

WECARE: WEaving Complexity And the gReen Economy

Principal Investigator: CNR-ISC

Partner : Dario Mazzilli (CREF)

Code: 20223W2JKJ

This project will gather, process, and harmonize data about export, patenting activity, and scientific production, focusing on green products and technologies. We will compute the green, technological, and scientific fitness of countries/regions an assessment of the specific ripeness of their economies.  We will compute the relatedness between single economic sectors and technological fields. The result will be a map from industrial sectors to green technologies and vice versa. By using machine learning, we will compute the relatedness between green products/technologies and countries/regions to assess their preparedness for the sustainability transition and compare these results with standard economic and environmental indicators.

SLOW SUMER. Repair, Reuse, Recycling and Southern Mesopotamian Society in the Changing World of 2500-2000 BC

Principal Investigator: Sapienza Università di Roma

Partner: Giulia Festa (CREF)

Code: 2022LFKPNH

SLOW SUMER aims to study the Repair, Reuse, and Recycling in the framework of the Southern Mesopotamian Society in the Changing World of 2500-2000 BC through a multidisciplinary approach. The project is based on archaeological and philological data, modern scientific methods coupled with a Machine Learning approach, and finally interpreted within a sociological perspective. Expected results will be a solid base for further research on repair, reuse, and recycling in other periods and geographical areas. Furthermore, the project will provide, through an ancient example, new and useful evidence on the social and historical importance of the circular economy, in contrast with the anomaly of the contemporary throwaway society.