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What should be the role of public leadership in managing the PNRR?

Tomorrow, November 26 from 15:00 to 19:00, Unadis, the National Union of State Executives, the first trade union that enrolls only public managers, meets representatives of the institutional world, associations and businesses at the Vanvitelli Hall in Via dei Portoghesi 12.

The meeting will be a useful opportunity to discuss how to improve the organization of public work. In this historical moment, the role of management will be crucial to effectively exploit the resources of the PNRR, but also to create a working climate conducive to productivity and technology transfer, through a wise use of the different ways of providing work.

The event will be attended by Luciano Pietronero, President of the Enrico Fermi Research Center, Gino Scaccia, constitutionalist and head of the U.L. Min. of Regional Affairs and Autonomies, Veronica Nicotra, Secretary General of ANCI, Mauro Bonaretti, magistrate of the Court of Auditors and Head of the MIMS Department, Edoardo Zanchini, Vice President of Legambiente.

A wise management of Pnrr can change the future of Italy.