After the success of the first meeting organized in early June, on the occasion of the Sony CSL 2021 Open House and the start of the collaboration project between the Sony CSL in Paris and the Enrico Fermi Research Center (CREF) in Rome, a new joint meeting is organized.

It is an event aimed at allowing all researchers from both institutions to meet, disseminate their respective fields of research and share their ideas and visions in the field of science and technology.

10.00 – Welcome by the President of CREF, Prof. Luciano Pietronero, and the Director of Sony CSL Paris, Prof. Vittorio Loreto

10.30 – Fermi Center, Economic Fitness and Complexity – Luciano Pietronero (CREF)

11.00 – Visit to the Historical Museum of Physics “Enrico Fermi”.

11.40 – Coffee break

12.00 – Sony CSL Paris – Sustainability Team, Robotics for Micro-farms – Peter Hanappe, David Colliaux and Aliénor Lahlou

12.30 – Lunch

14.00 – Centro Fermi, Research activities at CREF – Andrea Gabrielli (CREF)

14.30 – Sony CSL Paris – Language Team, Meaning and Understanding in Natural Language Processing – Remi van Trijp / The Future of Writing: Rendering Intention – Michael Anslow

15.00 – Centro Fermi, Geography of scientific development and inequality – Aurelio Patelli (CREF) / Machine learning with photonics – Claudio Conti (ISC-CNR, CREF)

15.40 – Sony CSL – Music Team, Sony CSL Music develops an artist-centric technology – Gaëtan Hadjeres and Théis Bazin

16.10 – Final Greetings