A twofold mission:  Research and Scientific Dissemination

The building of the Historical Museum of Physics and Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center (CREF) is the same that housed the historic Royal Physics Institute in the 1930s.
Here, Enrico Fermi and a group of young physicists conducted the first experiments on neutron-induced radioactivity, essential for the future development of nuclear energy.

In these rooms and courtyards, they wrote not only the history of physics but that of the entire twentieth century.

A new Research Institute

To honor the memory of the place, the Italian Parliament unanimously voted a Law that established a new Research Institute. In 1999 The”Historical Museum of Physics and Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center” was born under the supervision of the Ministry of the University.
After a long restoration, the official handover of the building took place in 2019. Since then, a news phase of the Museum and research activities began.

A twofold mission

The mission of the institution is, therefore, by its nature, twofold:

We intend to offer wide dissemination and communication of  Enrico Fermi’s life and discoveries through developing a modern Historical Museum of Physics dedicated to his scientific legacy. The museum activity also includes a wide range of scientific dissemination activities for the general public, with a particular focus on schools and universities;

In the spirit that characterized the activities of Enrico Fermi, we want to develop original and high-impact research lines that, although based on the methods of physics, have a strong interdisciplinary character.