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The Economic Complexity will be among the tools used by the European Commission to evaluate the projects of the Next Generation Eu

Emanuele Pugliese and Andrea Tacchella, researchers at the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, have published reports based on Economic Fitness and Complexity in which they analyze the economic, industrial and technological fabric of the 27 EU member countries.

These tools will be used in the evaluation of the Next Generation EU projects presented by the EU Member States.

These are some quantitative facts for all EU members resulting from the analysis of their economic complexity. The analyses range from the forecasting of the economic performance of the countries, through a breakdown by industrial sectors, to the analysis of innovation capacities down to the regional level with a product-by-product resolution.

The analysis techniques based on Economic Fitness and Complexity were developed a few years ago by the research group led by Professor Luciano Pietronero, current President of CREF, which also included the two researchers involved in this study by the JRC.

Economic Fitness and Complexity is a tool already used by the World Bank and now it will be used also by the European Commission.

Within the Enrico Fermi Research Center the Economic Fitness and Complexity represents one of the main research projects.

To read the full report click here.