My scientific interests spread over different fields of Physics.
Since 2006 I have collaborated with the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research in Dubna in nuclear physics, particularly gas phase transitions of fermions and collective and exotic phenomena in atomic matter with few nucleons.
As a member of the ATLAS collaboration at the LHC of CERN in Geneva, I participated in developing and integrating a new large detector, the New Small Wheel; we created the biggest sensors with Micromegas technology ever built. I am a member of the DLJ (Displaced Lepton Jets) group for studying the production of exotic particles and dark matter candidates at ATLAS.
In the astrophysics field, I collaborated on the Extreme Energy Events project. I was the coordinator of the Observatory for the Piedmont Region: I also had the role of Upgrade Coordinator until 2018.

I have always been active in science communication; I organized several events for schools and the general public.

I have been dealing with Technology Transfer since 2017. In this area, I collaborate with several research institutions, such as the National Institute of Metrological Research and the Polytechnic. of Turin, aimed at cross-fertilization between commercial technologies and Fundamental Research with repercussions in the timing, medical and technological fields.