Miriam Focaccia


I’m a researcher of History of Physics at the CREF of Rome and collaborate with the Universities of Bologna and Sapienza.

My main interest concerns the history of scientific institutions and research laboratories during the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.

In particular, I studied the biographies of post-unification science actors and the history of medicine during the eighteenth and twentieth centuries.

I am also interested in the history of women of science in Italy.

I participated in conceiving and realizing scientific exhibitions and events to disseminate scientific culture.

Within the CREF, I coordinate the History of Physics project and the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Enrico Fermi Museum; I am also part of the working group to implement the GEP.

In 2016 I obtained the Prize for the History of Physics, and in 2021 I received the Prize for Scientific Communication from the Italian Physics Society. I am a member of the editorial board of the Giornale di Fisica and the Quaderni di Storia della Fisica, journals of the Italian Physical Society.