Federico Giove

Director of Research

Federico Giove holds a degree in Physics and a PhD in Biophysics from La Sapienza University of Rome.

He worked at CREF from 2004. Since 2015 he has been Senior Researcher, since 2022 Director of Research. He leads a group of medical physicists dedicated to studying the structure and function of the human brain and developing related MRI methods. His research activity is strongly oriented towards interdisciplinary approaches to neuroscience and neuroimaging. His research interests include human brain function and metabolism and relevant alterations in some neurological diseases. His experimental work is focused on the characterization of metabolic, functional and network transients during brain activity, using functional MRI and spectroscopy.

He is also interested in computational neuroscience, in particular in quantitative models of intercellular trafficking of nutrients, aimed at understanding the biophysical basis of functional neuroimaging, as well as at elucidating the functional and energetic partnership between cell populations in the brain.

From 2020 he is Coordinator of MRI research at 3T at the Santa Lucia Foundation in Rome

An updated list of publications and abstracts is available at MARBILab web site.