On November 21, 2023, on the occasion of International Cosmic Day, the Enrico Fermi Research Center hosted the EEE schools in a hybrid version, in presence and online.
 This is an annual event organized by the High Energy Physics laboratory DESY, in which schools from all over the world come together to study cosmic rays, sharing measurements and analyses on previously collected data.

The idea is to test male and female students: in the months preceding the meeting, they conduct measures based on national calls, and then each school presents a one-page summary, which DESY collects in a booklet and makes available online on his site.

This year, too, the EEE project proposed an analysis to be carried out by the schools in its network. All the analyses were included in the Booklet, while the best five schools had the opportunity to present their work: the Liceo Scacchi of Bari, the Liceo Banzi Bazoli of Lecce, the Liceo Galvani of Bologna, the Liceo Da Procida of Salerno and the Scorza High School in Cosenza.

In the spirit of EEE, the sharing of the experience was preceded by an in-depth lesson on cosmic rays by Professor Pasquale Blasi (Gran Sasso Science Institute), entitled “The Universe that the eye cannot see: Cosmic Accelerators of High Energy.”

At the end of the morning, the students could visit the Fermi Museum housed in the Research Center.