Create an observatory on economic complexity to support industrial production at the national and regional levels. This is the objective of the Workshop “Economic Complexity and Fitness. Regional level Analysis and Industrial Policy Implications” organized by the Department of Economics of the University of Venice Ca’Foscari and Cimet – Italy’s National University Center for Applied Economic Studies.

The workshop, which will take place on 25 and 26 January at the San Biagio Campus in Cannaregio, revolves around the Economic Complexity and Fitness methodology as a tool for analyzing production dynamics.

President Luciano Pietronero will give an introductory overview of the method he created. Angelica Sbardella will give regional complexity indicators, while Andrea Tacchella will provide an overview of how this can favour regional cohesion policies. Andrea Zaccaria will focus on industrial analysis instead.

From the Universities of Padua, Milan Bicocca and Venice, there will be other interventions on the circular economy and the dynamics of resilience and recovery after the 2008 crisis and the pandemic.

For the CREF Complexity group, it will be an opportunity to discuss at an academic and institutional level, aiming to consolidate the economic observatory.

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