On June 23rd (5:30 pm) on the occasion of the pre-events organized by NET – Science Together for “Waiting for the Researchers’ Night”, the researchers of the CREF propose a “scientific aperitif” in which they will dialogue with the public and present some of the research lines of the institution: from physics applied to Cultural Heritage to particle physics; from the history of physics to medical physics, up to the mechanisms of diffusion of information on social networks.

All this in the beautiful setting of the monumental complex of via Panisperna, with a visit to the permanent exhibition dedicated to Enrico Fermi and, at the end, an aperitif offered in the inner courtyard of the Institute.

To reach the CREF building, it is necessary to enter the Compendio del Viminale, headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior.

For info and reservations:  marta.pepe@cref.it