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CREF participates in a “science trek” with the Science Together-NET project

In relation to the pre-events of the project Science Together-NET, scheduled between June and July as part of the initiatives “Waiting for the European Researchers’ Night”, CREF participates in a “scientific trekking”.

This is a thematic walk through Rome that includes a stop in Via Panisperna, where our researchers Miriam Focaccia and Silvia Pisano will tell the story of the Institute of Physics.

A 4 km walk that will follow the tracks of meteorology and the history of physics with a physicist of the atmosphere, a historian of science and a nuclear physicist.

They will talk about research and operations in the field of environmental monitoring and will describe the Networks of stations and satellites.

The route will start from Piazzale Aldo Moro, in front of the CNR headquarters and will pass in front of the Liceo Scientifico Pilo Albertelli (attended by Enrico Fermi), from there it will cross Via Panisperna, seat of the Institute of Physics in the ’30s and today home to the CREF.

Then, it will pass in front of Collegio Romano, seat of the Historical Observatory of UCEA and ex-headquarter of UCEA-CRA up to P.zza Benedetto Cairoli where there is the ARPA Station for air quality.
A walk through the streets of Rome discovering science!

If you want to participate to the trekking book now filling the following form, tap here.