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Claudia Scatigno and Giulia Festa are Guest Editors of a Special Issue of Crystals MDPI “Archaeological Crystalline Materials”.

Claudia Scatigno, CREF postdoc, and Giulia Festa, CREF researcher, will be Guest Editors of a Special Issue of Crystals MDPI “Archaeological Crystalline Materials.

The crystalline state of archaeological materials from bioarchaeological and paleontological materials (bones, seeds, etc.) to building remains (pigments, wall paintings, mosaics, furniture), and other archaeological evidence (ceramics, sculptures, lithic materials, etc.), undergo changes in lattice parameters and crystalline domain sizes due to diagenetic alteration or exposure to the atmosphere.

To study these alterations, portable instruments and nondestructive analysis are preferred. Recently, the quality of data produced by these new portable systems has become competitive with conventional benchtop methods. In addition, data science and machine learning (e.g., predictive modeling of multivariate analysis, multivariate regression algorithms) have been adopted to address open questions involving provenance, technological characteristics, and preservation status.

This special issue on “Archaeological Crystalline Materials” provides an opportunity for researchers in the field of heritage science to present new analytical approaches and tools that can identify and quantify the transformation of crystalline phases in archaeological documents.

January 15 is the deadline for manuscript submissions.

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