About Us


The Historical Museum of Physics and Enrico Fermi Study and Research Center (CREF) is located in the same building where Enrico Fermi and a group of young physicists conducted the first experiments on neutron-induced radioactivity, fundamental for the future development of nuclear energy.

Following the inspirational lead of Enrico Fermi, CREF aims to develop original and high-impact research lines based on physical methods with a strong interdisciplinary character. Here physicists collaborate on a daily basis with specialists in various fields: artificial intelligence, biology, medicine, social sciences, economics, and much more

With its  small and agile research structure, CREF can  seize this strategic opportunity to be an institution that stimulates innovative scientific issues and face the complex challenges of our time

“I am convinced that physical science must move towards an intense collaboration with other sister sciences and especially with biology. I hope that this trend, which is taking shape today, can return to the benefit of both of these sciences “.
Enrico Fermi, “Speech for the Nobel” Stockholm, 11 December 1938

CREF also hosts a modern Historical Museum of Physics dedicated to Fermi’s scientific legacy,  to offer wide dissemination and communication of his life and his discoveries.