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INFN has announced a new research grant on the topic “Sequence development and image analysis in 19F-MRI”.

The National Institute of Nuclear Physics has announced an annual research grant, renewable for an additional year on the topic: “Sequence development and image analysis in 19F-MRI”.

The grant is for the technological development of MRI imaging with 19F, in collaboration between CREF, INFN, CNR and Fondazione Santa Lucia.

Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) with heteronuclei (nuclei different from 1H, such as 19F and 23Na) is one of the frontier research topics in imaging and NMR. In particular, imaging with 19F (19F-MRI) holds great promise for future clinical applications in which fluorinated drugs are administered to patients for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. The use of 19F-MRI in this context is currently limited by the low signal-to-noise ratio achieved at dosages compatible with in vivo administration.

The grant is aimed at implementing the 19F line on the new Siemens 3T scanner made available by IRCSS Fondazione Santa Lucia in Rome. The project involves the development and optimization of acquisition sequences in 19F-MRI mode, in close contact with Siemens, manufacturer of the scanner, and the acquisition of images with dummies containing fluorine at different concentrations.

The acquisitions will then be analyzed with deep neural network techniques, developed in the context of the project NEPTUNE (Nuclear Process Driven Enhancement of Proton Therapy UNravEled), funded by INFN.

The call with the modalities of participation is accessible on:


call number 23617

deadline 29/10/2021

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