GEP – Gender Equality Plan

 GEP Committee at  Enrico Fermi Research Center

At CREF, we established a Working Group called “Commissione per il GEP del CREF”.

Members are encharged with drafting the first CREF’s  Gender equality plan, regularly updates, and the organization of activities related. Their mandate will last until  December, 31th 2023.

What is a Gender Plan?

Gender Equality Plans are a tool recognized and encouraged by the European Commission to balance gender among the staff of research institutions. As of 2022, GEPs are considered a mandatory requirement for eligibility for funding in the Horizon Europe Research Framework Program.

What does the GEP do?

In the specific context of research organizations and higher education institutions, the European Commission defines a GEP as a strategic plan aimed at:

conduct impact assessments/audits of procedures and practices to identify gender biases;
identify and implement innovative strategies aimed at correcting gender bias;
define objectives and processes for monitoring progress through indicators.
The CREF Strategic Gender Equality Plan will include concrete measures aimed at promoting the culture of equality and inclusion in the deep respect of diversity and in contrast to all forms of discrimination determined by age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, religion, political position, conditions of disability, through actions and tools capable of enhancing differences.

What are the goals?

The main goals indicated by the Commission are:

put an end to gender-based violence
fight against sexist stereotypes
closing the gender gap in the labor market
address the problem of the pay and pension gap
achieve gender balance in decision-making processes

Who are the members of Commisione per il GEP at CREF :team

– Dr. Giulia Festa (Researcher III level of CREF) – Coordinator
– Dr. Marta Pepe (Technical assistant of CREF)
– Dr. Miriam Focaccia (Researcher III level of CREF)
– Dr. Dario Mazzilli (Researcher III level of CREF)
– Dr. Aurelio Patelli (CREF Research Fellow)

All the members are CREF  employees nominated for their professionalism, competence, e and high knowledge of the subject, with adequate skills and experience in equal opportunity enhancement strategies.