Centro Fermi hosted the final conference of European project PhoQus on March, 24 – 25th.

The aim of the PhoQuS project is to develop a novel platform for quantum simulation, based on photonic quantum fluids, realized in different photonic systems with suitable nonlinearities, allowing to engineer an effective photon-photon interaction.

The main objectives of this project are to fully understand the superfluid and quantum turbulent regimes for quantum fluids of light and to achieve simulations of systems of very different nature, ranging from condensed matter to astrophysics.

The project is based on fundamental physics and will have an impact on fundamental science (quantum optics, solid-state physics, cosmology, quantum gravity) and quantum technologies (quantum simulations). The expected impact will be the enhancement of cross-disciplinary studies involving optics, general relativity, quantum field theory, and solid-state physics. This will lead to a deeper understanding of quantum field theories and to the development of novel concepts for the control of quantum states to be harnessed in future quantum architectures.

It was a great opportunity to discuss and exchange views and experiences. Researchers from different European countries  had the chance to visit our historic building and courtyard.